Max Sharam: Discography

Comacarma - Single

Released in February 96, this single conatains a very long and, shall we say, interesting, version of Coma.
  1. Is it okay if I call you mine? 2:59
  2. Huntinground 4:19
  3. Comacarma (Coma re-mix) 13:00

Lay Down - Single

  1. Laydown (candles in the rain), M. Safka (Warner Chapell)
  2. Laydown, M. Safka (Warner Chapell)
  3. Laydown (instrumental), M. Safka (Warner Chappel)
  4. Koma, M. Sharam (EMI Music Australia) (This is Coma sung in German by Max)

Million Year Girl - Album

Released in 1995, Million Year Girl comes with some beautiful cover artwork. On the front is a photo of Max (naked again) with a gorgeous ocean/gorge-scape behind her, and a wooden dolls house in front. Inside the dolls house lurks a mysterious looking castle atop a hill. All very attractive. The album contains the following tracks:
  1. Be Firm [3:47]
  2. Coma [3:43]
  3. Purple Flower [4:19]
  4. Lay Down (Candles In The Rain) [4:01] - A Melanie Safka cover
  5. Is It OK If I Call You Mine? [2:59] - From the movie "Fame"
  6. A Toast To... [0:18]
  7. Jezu's Jewellery [4:00]
  8. Huntinground [4:29]
  9. Can I Catch Fire [3:57]
  10. Alice [4:34]
  11. Learning To Let Go [2:51]
  12. Raining Angels [4:11]
  13. Orchestra Au Naturel [3:45]

Be Firm - Single

The Be Firm single has the following tracks:

  1. Be Firm
  2. Out in the Cold

Coma - EP

The EP has a gatefold cover in sepia tones. On the front is a picture of Max with a lion, and inside is Max as a kind of mermaid, along with the lyrics to most of the songs.

On Usenet, Luana Lisandro ( wrote "Apparently, the EP version of _Coma_ has been deleted, however, there are copies left at record stores..."

The tracks on the EP are:

  1. Coma (Million Year Girl)
  2. Hunting Ground
  3. U Cradle Me
  4. Is it OK
  5. Crash Landing

Coma - Single

The single has the same picture on the front, but in blue tones, and does not have the gatefold cover, so no lyrics or mermaid picture.

The tracks on the single are:

  1. Coma
  2. U Cradled Me
  3. Crash Landing