The Story of Barnaby Bear

written for Emily, Christmas 1991

Barnaby Bear
is a VERY fine bear

And he lives
in a very nice house

But for quite a long time
there was nobody there

Except Barney,
and Murgatroyd Mouse

At night Barney looked
at the stars and the moon

And he talked
to some birds every day

But now and again
he would wonder how soon

A friend
might be coming his way.

He remembered the place
where his memories began

And a girl bear
called Bessie he knew

So he wrote her a note
saying - "Come if you can"

I'm one -
but I'd rather be Two.

The answer came back
with a definite "Yes!"

She was pleased,
as she made very plain

Signing the letter,
"Your own loving Bess"

And giving
the time of her train.

He sat on the station
for quite a long while

And at last train
and Bessie were there

He could see that her luggage
made QUITE a large Pile.

But Barney's
a VERY strong Bear.

Now Barney and Bess
aren't alone any more

For soon came a baby
called Emily

Little Julian Bear
brought their number to Four

Now the Bears
are one big happy family.

Norah Boehme