The Thursday Elephant

Monday's elephant is usually blue
He wears a fresh colour, and a handkerchief too.

Tuesday's elephant is always green,
His trunk is crumpled, and his knees aren't clean.

Wednesday's elephant is purple- spotted
His eyes keep crossing, and his tail is knotted.

Thursday's elephant is comfortably grey
His stockings are falling, and he likes to play.
He sometimes stands underneath my tree
Talking to himself, and talking to me.

Friday's elephant is yellow and red
And he promises things, inside my head.

Saturday's elephant wears white for cricket
But he gets over-tired and sits down on the wicket.

Sunday's elephant is mostly brown
He wears round glasses and a thoughtful frown.

Now one thing is certain, though I'm fond of the rest
It's the Thursday elephant that I love best.

Norah Boehme