Nokie and Rupert's Stories and Poems

Below are some of the stories and poems written by my grandmother, Norah Boehme, known as Nokie. Nokie died on Christmas day, 1995, although she did live to see this web page. She was a most loving and wonderful grandmother, and I miss her very much. I hope you get some sense of who she was from these writings.

Stories by Nokie

An Account of Teddy's Adventures on Berry Island
Alf A. Betts and his Magical Troupe
The Story of Barnaby Bear
Bobi and Branma Wumble and the Magic Carpets
The Little Girl who Lived on the Verandah
Nasty Knobbly Gnome and the Garden People
Tribute to a Musician
Reminiscences of a Junk Addict
Why Kill Mrs Kindred?
Georgina and the Leprechaun
Pensioners are People
East Kew and School
The Day I Didn't Lose my Virginity
The Woman in the Painting

Poems by Nokie

The Thursday Elephant
The Aged
Which Way
I Knew a House Once
To the Elder Children
How to Deal with a Grouch

Below are some stories written by my grandfather, Rupert Boehme, beloved husband of Nokie, and the delight of my childhood.

Stories by Rupert

Long Saturday
A Personal Statement
Dead as Mutton